What do you do with Old T Shirts?

Here are a few ingenious ideas by several upcyling Etsy sellers. All are made from old t shirts, believe it or not!

Glamour Girl Rose Hair Clip by whitneysjewelry $9

Chick Magnet UPCYCLEd Tote by greeniebeanrecycle $20

Little FISH Big Pond Wristlet by zJayne $10

Springsteen Backpack by gatonegro $20

Total Evolution Reusable Market Tote by fashiongreentbags $9

Bulky Weight T-shirt Yarn by mklawrie $7.50

Grey Day Chrysanthemum Pin by Marang97 $12


zJayne said...

It's truly endless the opportunities tShirts provide. Lovin' those hair clips and pins! ...and that guitar backpack is excellent!

Thanks for including my Little Fish Big Pound pouch. said...

Thank you for showing one of my bags! WOW! So inventive are these sellers! I've never seen the flowers, yarn or backpack before. WOW!

gatonegro said...

The lowly t-shirt comes alive in it's second life! Thanks for including my backpack with these other great finds!

re-maker said...

Wow, they're all great! I especially love the Springsteen backpack!

Anonymous said...

t-shirt yarn is brilliant!

greenie bean recycle said...

yay for wonderful tee shirts! Thank you for including my Chick Magnet Tote. I'm loving the tee shirt yarn!

Erin said...

I thought I needed the t-shirt pin, but now I need the t-shirt yarn even more. That knit potential that lays therein is incredible. mmph.

The Charm House said...

Now... Who would have ever thought of doing some of that with old t-shirts! The imagination of some of these people! WOW!!! Thanks for sharing! Incredible~ Always Amazing!

Whitney said...

There are definitely endless uses for old t shirts! Nice stuff here...Thanks for showing my hair clip!

Melissajoan said...

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