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The peace symbol will turn 51 years old at the end of this month. It actually started as a symbol for the British anti-nuclear movement. However, now it is one of the most recognized symbols in the world. It is recognized as a symbol of protest and of peace.

On a Friday, 51 years ago a demonstration was planned by the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War (DAC) and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). It was decided that their protest would carry more weight if they had a symbol for it. Other symbols were considered but a semaphore or flag symbol alphabet was agreed on. By super-imposing N (uclear) on D (isarmament) and placing them within a circle symbolising Earth the "ban the bomb" symbol was created.

There are conflicting stories about how the symbol crossed the ocean to land in the United States. But there is no denying how powerful an image it became to the civil rights movement and the antiwar movements of the 1960's and 70's. Later becoming an almost universally accepted sign for peace. Gracing movements from coast to coast and pole to pole, for everything from antiwar to gay rights.

CND has never registered the sign as a trademark, arguing that "a symbol of freedom, it is free for all". It has now appeared on millions of mugs, T-shirts, rings and nose-studs. Bizarrely, it has also made an appearance on packets of Lucky Strike cigarettes.

A decade ago, the sign was chosen during a public vote to appear on a US commemorative postage stamp saluting the 1960s. And searching the etsy shops, it quickly becomes apparent that the symbol is alive and well and in the conscious of many into the 21st century. So, let's explore some peace symbols with some great items from the Trashion Team.


zJayne said...

Seriously...more information Peace Symbol than I knew! I love that! What a GREAT post!

Thank you for including "Green Peace".

~waving with a smile!

fisheye said...

Great post! I never thought about where the peace sign started. Thanks!