Wearin' O' the Green - Trashion Style

The Trashion Team is green in more ways than one! Here are some really green picks for March.
Above Ireland - Map Pin by maram.

vintage recycled fabic coasters by rikrak

Erin Go Green Pouch by zJayne

YELLOW BUG pendant by BetternBefore

Soda Can Shamrock Pins by FunkyRecycling

Genuine Sea Glass Hearts by lakeeriebeachglass

Vintage Hand Dyed Nightie Dress by RunzwithScissors

Pottery Tree Bark Pin by fisheye

Green Recycled Record Bracelet by tresijas

Green Star Choker by misscourageous

Gray Cuff Bracelet by twistedwear

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Everything looks Great! I didn't know green was such a fabulous color until seeing all of these wonderful wearables :)