Interview with Elena of Elenamary!

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What draws you to using trashion materials?
I love to create something out of nothing and have been doing that since I was a very young child. My mother did not tell me to not throw anything away because it might be useful at a future date... I just intuitively knew that.

What trashion materials do you use?
I save anything that might have potential...a bit of metal, scraps of paper, cancelled stamps, fabric remnants, something breaks I save the pieces studio is a storehouse of the discarded and forlorn. I assemble materials and just start and something new is is a mystery to me how and why. My inspiration is the vast array of "junque" all around me..I use a micro-torch and lots of E6000 glue and am good to go. One of my favorite artists. Joseph Cornell, was a master at finding magic in a shell, a feather, a marble, a twig. He said "Everything can be used though one does not know it at the time. How does one know what one object will tell another?" Exactly! That is my method, my madness and my faith.

What are your current projects and what is on the

I am currently creating new work for the Ventura ArtWalk coming up in late April where I will be selling art and jewelry at Weaver Wines, a restaurant/wine bar in downtown Ventura, Ca. I may be lucky enough to be chosen to present an art exhibition (that I curated previously) at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC..I will hear about that the end of this month and if my exhibition is selected I will be over the top with joy!


Peggradyart said...

I LOVE Elena's work and am the happy owner of a pair of her earrings fashioned from the inner workings of ball point pens...they get plenty of compliments and when I tell people what they are made out of they are always surprised. Her jewelry and books and collages are inspiring!

lisa winter said...

wow! thanks for introducing me to elena's art. i love it. i'm off to check out her shop.

zJayne said...

Truly a talented artist and always a pleasure to come across her beautiful items. Amazing and making a difference at the same time!

elenamary said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments..The trashion team is the best and I have loved the palchemy projects..hope there will be more..collaboration is one of the best parts of being on a team! I have done 2 palchemy projects now...sure got the creative juices flowing and I got the BEST materials to work with.

TheRedCan said...

Great interview! I love your work. Such beautiful, amazing pieces.