So What is Palchemy all About?

The Trashion Team is known for their creative team challenges. One type of challenge that has proved fun and successful had been "Palchemy." This is an activity where interested members sign up and are matched with a partner (that's the "Pal" part.) Then partners send a package of assorted trashion materials to each other. The challenge is to make something from the provided materials (that's the "chemy" of it all.) Last year the team did two Palchemys. The first was open as far as what was created. The second had a theme, Monster Mash, and a mission, supporting HOST (Helping Others Street Team.) The images here are from the Monster Mash Palchemy. Up top is Karma the Kosmic Kitten by buttercupbloom.

Here is the result of the partnership of Kelly from Tresijas and myself.

This is what I sent to Kelly.

Here is what she sent to me.

Here is her Monster- Igoreena.

Here is my monster - Not Too Creepy Bug.

Below are some other monsters created for the Monster Mash.

Voodoo Bob and his Shrunken Head by remaker

Legs O'Bannon by LilMonsters

Bertha the Bee Eating Monster by peggradyart

Be ready for the next Trashion Team Palchemy Challenge - coming soon!

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Kathy said...

I'm excited to do a palchemy soon! It sounds like fun :)

Peggradyart said...

Palchemy was such fun. The bee eating monster sold out of HOST so in addition to fun, this project gave back to those who needed a hand. Too cool!

Drew of Fairy Tale Fibers said...

Palchemy is a great opportunity to challenge your skills and make something new from something old. Which is what Trashion Team is all about!

VQ kim said...

creativity aBOUNDS!!!!! love the monsters, and Kosmic Kitty!

Punkinhead said...

OOH! Yay - what a great challenge. I look forward to doing this soon. :)

loneweever said...

Very cool. I'll watch for it and join the fun. Thanks for the inspiration!

wzgirl said...

I LOVE a challenge & this whole Palchemy thing is just too much fun! Especially when what happens is the creation of such fun, unique things from castaway materials! Cant' wait 4 the next party!