Hoot Owls with Heart - handmade by buttercupbloom

Hi, I'm WendyZ - a proud recycling queen since the 80's, full time
social worker, sucker for anything cute, lover of natural fibers and
true believer in "fudging" my way through the creative process.
Welcome to my workspace:

Sunny windows? Check. Piles of pretty fabrics? Check. "Jan" my
amazing sewing machine? Check. Dining room table? Check. Best part
of my location is that I am about 5 steps away from my next cup of tea
or snack.

Nearly all of my work is is inspired by castaway items that have been
given to me, poached from my own (or my husband's) closet or
discovered on lucky thrift store jaunts. These upcycled fabrics are
the primary ingredient in my plush creations and are combined with new
textiles that complement them. Above is a super soft cashmere sweater
ready for cutting. I got that beautiful cashmere for $1 because it
had a few, easy to work around moth holes. Sweet!

The best part of this process is putting together the colors. My
mother gave me this fabulous tangerine hued 100% wool hoodie that
felted up just perfect and hung out on my sweater stash pile for a
good few weeks before I discovered this fantastic Alexander Henry
"Spotted Owl" print that went perfectly with it.

These guys are ready for needle and thread! (See how the repurposed
denim fabric complements that tangerine wool so nicely?)

Here are two Hoot Owls ready to fly the coop! They carry with them a
message about conservation and creativity. One Hoot at a time, these
wee birds are making the world a little better place...and that makes
sewing them up and sharing them with others all the more fun for me.

Please visit my etsy shop @ for more pictures
of the Hoot Owls that you see here, a bunch more of their feathered
friends and other Trashion-Worthy items that will make you smile!

xo, WendyZ


auclairdelalune said...

Adorable owls with a nice message about conservation! Thanks for inviting us into your workspace.

QuirkynBerkeley said...

I've loved these owls from the very beginning. It's fascinating to see how you put them together and what your workspace looks like! Hoot hoot!

AlliesAdornments said...

Thanks for sharing your process. The owls are always so darling!

Tresijas said...

This is too cool. Almost as cool as Buttercup herself. I love seeing the creative process and I especially love seeing some great used objects finding a new life!!

MsCraftypants said...

Love your space and creative process - thanks for sharing as I have adored your owls for a while now.

loneweever said...

It's so cool when people share some of their crafting process, and how their design can spring from what's at hand. Thanks so much for posting this.

I had fun cruising around buttercupbloom's shop. Love all those owls and the carrot people!