TRASHY KIDS~Splashy Birdbath

I'm always looking for kid friendly and kid safe web sites as well as information magazines for kids. This weeks edition of TRASHY KIDS comes from both!

The National Wildlife Federation circulates a monthly kids magazine titled YOUR BIG BACKYARD. These magazines are filled with fun and interesting facts about wild life and presents it in a kid friendly way that is enjoyable for both children and adult. I personally love the pictures that they are able to add to it.

What you need:
*Acrylic paints
*OLD clay pot or terra cotta pot and saucer
*Old Newspaper

What to do:
1.) Place the pot upside down on a newspaper. Paint colorful stripes and circles on the pot. Let dry for one day.

2.) Paint the bottom of the saucer and place it on top of the pot bottom as shown. Paint the rest of the saucer. Let dry for a day. (Note: The dry paint will hold the pot and saucer together.)

3.) Put an inch of water in the dish and place it near a shrub or tree. (or by your recently constructed jug bird house!) This bathing facility is definitely for the birds! ;0)

(Craft idea taken from the June 2006 issue of Your Big Backyard)


TheRedCan said...

This is such a neat idea. I have oodles of empty pots laying around just need to buy some paint. This is one my kids wold LOVE.

zJayne said...

Me too.. this is wonderful!