TRASHY KIDS~Upcycled Fridge Frame!

This weeks TRASHY KIDS activity was submitted by Emily or CANDYCALAMITY. This Upcycled Refrigerator Frame is an easy upcycling project that your young ones can get involved with as well as the older ones! (My 16 year old made one of these, too!)

What you will need:
Old tissue box/boxes
Magnet (I used a freebie advertisemnt magnet that I picked up at a fair booth and cut it into pieces)
Craft leftovers such as sequins,buttons,yarn,beans,noodles etc. Let your imagination run wild here or pull out those containers of scraps you know you have hidden! ;0)

The HOW TO Scoop:
Take the top off an empty square size tissue box (so you have basically a square with an oval opening), decorate as you please, attach a photo or drawing cut to the size of the square to the back and glue on a magnet - ta da - a fantastic upcycled fridge frame.

Thank you Emily for your submission on this week's Trashy Kids!
Here is a terrific item from CandyCalamity's Shop!

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