TRASHY KIDS~Maple Jug Bird Feeder!

Late Winter and early Spring is maple season so say the sugar shackers! I took my family to a Maple Sugar Farm that was giving tours and FREE tastings over the weekend. I have no idea why I haven't done it before but what a wonderful experience it was! The kids and I shared a wonderful walk in the woods, learned a little history regarding the Native Americans in our area, got to see first hand how Maple Sugar was transformed into Maple Syrup, and even got to taste a little bit while being given a hay ride pulled by horses back to the sugar shack! One little tid bit that I picked up on right away was how to recycled an empty Maple Jug!

The Sugar Shack at Hurry Hill Farms sells these cute little jug bird feeders as well as gives you step by step instructions on how to make one your self! This feeder can easily be adapted by using a milk jug or 2 Liter bottle instead!

Here are the instructions that were given to us courtesy of Janet M. Woods & Lisa G. Nathanson of Hurry Hill Farm.

1)Enjoy PA maple syrup, empty, and rinse out jug. Make sure to save the lid. This plan makes use of the keystone shape on the front of the jug.

2) Drill a 3/8" hole centered just below the red keystone outline. Push a pencil straight through to mark drill hole on opposite side. Drill opposite hole and insert a 3/8" wooden dowel long enough to extend across jug plus 2" from either side to serve as a perch for the birds.

3)Drill 3/8" drainage holes into bottom of jug. Drill four holes around bottom edge and another four holes around center of jug bottom.

4)Use a utility blade or coping saw to cut along the keystone shape-cut notched top and both sides first. To connect two bottom corners cut an arched curve to maintain enough plastic for strength around the drilled perch hole.

5)Push out entire keystone shape to use as pattern for opening in the back of the jug. Center pattern just above perch hole,trace, and cut out.

6)Drill hole through jug lid to fit a 1/2"-1" screw-eye. Tighten nut on inside of lid to firmly secure screw eye to lid. Screw lid securely onto top of jug.

7)Thread wire through screw-eye for hanging on a tree branch.

8)Fill feeder with seed mix through keystone-shaped opening and enjoy watching the birds visit your maple jug feeder!!

Here is a milk jug feeder variation and link!

So, WHY don't I have a picture of the actual maple jug bird feeder? Well, I haven't gotten past step 1 yet! :0)


fisheye said...

Love your multi-tasking - family field trip and blog research all in one! Keep us posted on the progress of your feeder!

Suzanne said...

How FUN! I enjoy these types of activities probably even more than the kids. This is a great project- saving the directions!