Trashion team spotlight - Interview : funkyluke

Shop Name: funkyluke

FunkyLuke cosmic recycle art

Laura Campanelli, mom of four boys ages 8 to 22. FunkLuke was named after my son who passed four years ago. I wanted to keep his name alive on this planet. That is how FunkLuke was born. I in New Jersey and now live in Florida.

MY MATERIALS ARE What ever anyone throws out, or I find. You leave it outside and I will turn it into art. How I do it…lol, well when I am driving or trying to sleep, my mind starts to think’in…bad timing…lol

I have to really love my piece so much I don’t want to sell it then I know my heart and soul whet into it. That is when I am happy to put it up for sale.

Trashion is a great form of art for many reasons. We recycle helping mother earth, us artist put time and love it to each piece to make it one of a kind. I don’t do it for the money, that would be nice, but for the love to make something so cosmic that it will be in some ones home and hopefully they will feel what I did when I made it.

At the moment I live in Florida and hope to move back to New Jersey and open a funky little shop for all trashion artists. I just sent a recycle piece for the reuse it project, turned a cereal box into wall art. My jewelry just found a home in a cool cosmic shop in Florida . I always have five projects going at one timE.

To be in the trashion trunk show with so many great artists who all share the same vision is an honor. People can see, feel and smell out art… Better vibes.

So as time goes on you will see funky Luke making cosmic recycle art to help mother earth!

Peace Laura

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