Trashion team spotlight - Interview : Groovy Vinyl

Shop name: Groovy Vinyl

Shop address:

In a nutshell:
Groovy Vinyl is groovy new jewelry and accessories made from
vintage vinyl records! I had a ton of old records that I had been trying to
figure out what to do with. It occurred to me that I might be able to
incorporate them into my beaded jewlery since I had done so with old CDs first
after I found a tutorial on A whole bunch of earrings and
pendants later, I christened my creations Groovy Vinyl and opened up as a second shop on
Tell us a bit about yourself:
Ive always been the artistic nerd. My friends and I used to
make construction paper ears and tails and pretend we were animals,
complete with names and character backgrounds and have adventures in the
backyard. We put on puppet and magic shows for the neighborhood kids,
had dance contests and lemonade stands. Yes, sometimes we would be
dressed weirdly for this and draw wacky signs to go along with it.
As a kid I started art lessons with my auntie Pat at her house,
and during high school I had a constant pass to the art room during study
hall. We had a really cool teacher, Joel Groessel, who let us use
whatever art materials we had at our disposal. Cartooning was by far my favorite pastime and had been since I drew my first Crayola scribbles on my bedroom walls, but as
time went on I gradually picked up painting and delved into abstract art
(on canvas, not so much my walls anymore).
I took loads of art studio classes in college and really rounded
out my personal style. In between real jobs, I was forever
jumping from one creative endeavor to another, be it decorative interior
painting, greeting cards, constructing my own Halloween and renaissance faire costumes and props, custom pet cartooning on ceramic mugs and pet dishes, and private art
lessons for kids. It wast until fall of 2006 that I began
jewelry-making and really went nuts with it. I had done a little bit of beading
when I worked as a teacher at an after school center, but I found it
boring at the time, but this time around, I really discovered joy in it.
Now it consumes me--well, that and blogging!
Im married to a really awesome guy named Bob and we have two
cool kitties named Tricky and Little Byte. I work as a pharmacy
technician and Im certified at both the state and national level.
Trashion materials:
For Groovy Vinyl, old vinyl records. Apart from GV, old CDs, junk
jewelry from thrift shops and yard sales, and more recently, lots of
found materials such as broken street signs and cracked turn signal
Lately I have been refashioning old tee shirts into new garments. My
newest project will be trash such as dessicant canisters and discarded
caps from pill bottles turned into jewelry of some kind.

I transform them into:
Vinyl records get remade into earrings, necklaces, pendants,
bracelets, cuffs, pins, magnets, and rings.

How do you do it?
With a heat gun, paint, glue, beads, buttons, charms, glitter, and
assorted findings!

What inspired you to do this and why are you involved in trashion?
The CD jewelry project was the spark that drove me to find other
things to fashion into jewlery. I love the idea of taking something
that appears worthless and transforming it into something new, useful, and
unique. Discovering the hidden potential in discarded items is a
thrill and a challenge for me. And its a little less litter on the
street. Cardboard that comes from the pharmacy finds new life as my paint
palettes, and the boxes and bubblewrap I reuse as packing materials.

Do you remember the first thing you made using the trashion concept?
What was it?

In the second grade, I was invited to a last minute Halloween
party. I had NO costume, so I began rummaging around this huge bag of
winter hats and mittens we had in the closet. I found this long black
woven belt which would become a tail, and I fashioned a pair of big round
ears out of black construction paper that I attached to a
plastic headband. I wore a borrowed black leotard from my friends
little sister and went as a mouse. My mom did my nose and whiskers with
a charred cork. I won second prize for the costume contest.
What are your current projects and what is on the horizon?
Lately I started making hair pins and rings with the vinyl
records. I also began sewing again after I picked up the book Generation T:
108 ways to transform a tee shirt, by Megan Nicolay, and I also have
begun using casting resin in my jewery pieces.

Why should people buy handmade, and buy from trashion?
Not to sound too preachy, but because I think that there should be
more support of indie artists and crafters and their small business,
rather than buying mass-produced items from huge, big-box retailers that
are churning out thousands of the same item in some third-world
sweatshop. There does seem to be more of a gravitating towards handmade, and
an appreciation for the trashion concept, and awareness of being
environmentally conscious. Personally, I would rather have a one-of-a-kind
item that was made by someone who shares that passion of making
something from nothing, something that you wont find at Target or Wal-Mart.

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