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Trashion = something wonderful from our daily trash which = less in the land fill and more $$$ in our pocket.

Since I’m new to the Trashion scene I’ve been searching recycle, reuse, reconstruct and many other words related to creating something new and wonderful out of something destined for the landfill. I am amazed at the variety and wealth of talent that the searches have revealed. Here are a few of my favorite websites that feature instructions and photos of finished items.
Reconstructed clothing is a blog devoted to reconstructed clothing with lots of wonderful pictures showing the creativity of the group.

Craft’s At Home has a wide variety of projects that feature either recycled materials or new -- but I always feel that many crafts that call for new materials are adaptable to using recycled items to great advantage.

DIY Crafts has tutorials, craft ideas and links that would be useful and informative for almost anyone -- and they are free!!!

Another excellent site with tutorials and ideas is
HGTV. Check out the Carol Duvall link -- she is clear, informative and has great ideas.

Here’s one more for the icing on the crafting cake:
what the craft. If we use even one idea from each of these sites we will have a busy and productive Trashion year of crafting and leave a smaller footprint on our beautiful earth.

And if you think you are really dedicated to Trashion - check out this for fun reading.

Happy Trashion crafting from Kae of

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