Trunk Show Paper Bead Station by yieldtowhim

yieldtowhim has prepared a fantastic project for the Etsy trashion team trunk show, to be held July 27, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Etsylabs.

Its a Paper Bead Station!

This is a great example that all the Etsy Trashion members can contribute to the success of the group as a whole even if they cannot be present for some of the events: yieldtowhim created a self-sufficient paper bead making station!

Attendees at the trunk show will have samples, examples, instructions, the works! She designed the set up to be unmanned other than setting it on the table. Attendees will be able to bring home something that they handmade themselves.

Included with the paper strips is a note saying that they could Google paper beads and get all the information they need to make them again and that they can make hundreds for the cost of a glue stick.

This is quite inspirational, both for the attendees, who will learn a new skill, and for all Trashion street team members... yieldtowhim created a fun project to be included in the trunk show, although she cannot be present.

Whats next for yieldtowhim? "I'm especially excited about the prospect of creating earrings and necklaces using recycled paper because I will be able to make very affordable and fun items for the team shop and my shops too."

Visit her shop!
And come on over to the trahion team shop too!

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