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The Etsy Labs blog is talking about our up-coming Trunk Show! The Trunk Show will be held July 27th from 6-8 PM.
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Team member
Enderby blogged about the Trashion Team!
Read all about it in her

Team founder / leader
Pauliina is featured in a very interesting article that explores the collection of vintage versus the dismantling of it for purposes of crafting and trashion. Check out this feature here

Awesome member
dismantled was in a fashion show! And this event, the Worn Again Fashion Show, features designers who are right up our alley, recreating with whatever they've been given. It was a charity event and from her blog posts Mallory's been working hard and I hope (should a moment of peace arrive) she shares all the fabulous news with us. Until then, you can see some info here

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