DIY and recycled business cards

This DIY was on design*sponge not too long ago -
maybe you've seen it?


Also, this was on a fashion blog recently, Bobbin Talk


"That's the back of one of my business cards. I recycle cartons from cereal, beer, tea... whatever cardboard I can find to print my cards on! Save the planet one tree at a time!"
Aneta Genova

Carrying the recycled concept through all of your packaging
and marketing helps to reinforce the green in your work.
How do you make your business cards?


Anonymous said...

Such a great idea! I'll keep my cereal box now! Thanks for the tips!

Good Girls Studio said...

Love it!

slyraccoon said...

This is a great tip! Wonderful idea!

Insolvency advice said...

You made wonderful business cards. Not bad… I like the idea of recycling.

Home business said...

That’s a very clever and innovative idea. Thanks! I won’t have to spend too much money making my own business cards.

junck said...

I do the same! Have sold these in my Etsy shop as well :o)

Jamie said...

I also like that by using the rubber stamp in that manner, the card looks like a vintage movie ticket stub, or a secret invitation to an exclusive event. Really cool :)

Anyone's Guess said...

I make my business cards from old greeting cards, trying to capture an interesting part of the card.

Nicole Boivin said...

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Scott Williams said...

How did you print on the cards? Was it a rubber stamp? If so, what kind of ink did you use?

Ginny the Sock Monkey said...

Gasp... cereal boxes. I love that!

How about flyers that are left over from shows? As a performing artist, there are always a few of those around. Maybe I'll give that a try.

id scanner said...

Love this idea, and love the design. A business card tell who you are by way of design, but here you are making a creative, green statement, which is really awesome. :)

print membership cards said...

What a wonderful idea!! These stamped business cards look so creative and wonderful! :)And your blog summery is very shat and nice

medical records management said...

DIY is a nice concept..recycled business cards are very nice apprach..these recycled cards look very nice and give them new look..i think it surely help many people to recycle their business cards..thanks for your suggestions of doing this task..

Muhammad Ashfaq said...

such a great Carrying the recycled concept through all of your packaging and marketing helps to evergreen business.
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