business cards - getting them printed

A few posts ago, I shared a DIY for business cards.

Upcycled Business Card Blanks - lot of 200
upcycled business card blanks

But what if you want to get your cards printed and still be eco?

design your own eco friendly quilty wallet / business card holder
eco wallet/business card holder

I found this informative post on the cosa verde blog

thanks Liz & Jeff!


Ginny the Sock Monkey said...

thanks for these tips!

I love Moo, but it is expensive. If I can find another way to have great business cards, I'm definitely willing to try it.

However, Moo cards are great quality, and save a lot of time as well, so there is that to consider.

So, yeah, depends on what you want! I'll stick with Moo a bit longer as I am kind of addicted and they always have deals for repeat buyers.

Anonymous said...

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Plastic business cards said...

Hi your rite Ginny the Sock Monkey. Moo cards are very great quality. And all peoples and businessman like great quality thinks so i think Moo cards are very helpful for all.