Upcycled Charm Swap: Marketing

upcycled cash register charms by re-maker©

Merriam Webster defines marketing as:

Mar·ket·ing, n. \ˈmär-kə-tiŋ\
1: a : the act or process of selling or purchasing in a market
    b : the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service

2: an aggregate of functions involved in moving goods from producer to consumer

Although the goal of most blog challenges is to have fun and connect with new people, if you are an artisan business owner an added benefit can be that of exposure. By participating in challenges or swaps you 'll have the opportunity to introduce your work to a new audience.

The beauty of blog challenges, swaps and hops is synergy.

syn·er·gy, n. \ˈsi-nər-jē\

1: combined action or operation
2: a mutually advantageous conjunction or compatibility of distinct business participants or elements (as resources or efforts)

Your work will find it's way into new hands and on to new blogs to be view by an even larger group. It's like the Faberge Shampoo commercial in the 80's...



Okay all you Trashionistas... I know you stash buttons!
Time for a little spring cleaning, or better yet, swapping!

Deadline to enter is Sunday March 25th, so don't wait!


What's Up Wednesday:
Team Upcycled Charm Swap

To celebrate International Charm Day, April 28th
the Trashion Team is having a charm swap.  

Here's the challenge:

~ Create 10 upcycled charms (no larger than 1.5" x 1.5") from upcycled, recycled, thrifted and/or found materials.  Be sure to package or secure your contact info to each charm if you want recipients to know who made the charms.

~ Send them to remaker by April 21st.  Please include $4.00/First Class or $5.25/Priority Mail in the U.S., or $5.00/International First Class for return postage.

~ In return, each participant will receive a random selection of awesome upcycled charms!

~ remaker will post photos of the charms to the team blog as they arrive.  

~ On April 28 we will announce a winner, courtesy of randomizer, from all eligible participants. One lucky someone will Win 50 Custom Made 1" Buttons from pinOmatic.

If you're interested in participating, send remaker a convo via her etsy shop for more information.


What's Up Wednesday: Junksmith in Illinois!

Electric Blue Pull-tab Earrings

If you happen to be near Elk Grove Village Illinois on Saturday March 10th you may want to stop by the Lutheran Child and Family Services Luncheon and Fashion Show which benefit's Chicago's Uptown Ministry. Our very own Nancy Kingsbury of
junksmith will be there from 10:30 'til 2!

Lutheran Child and Family Services Luncheon and Fashion Show
Saturday March 10th from 10:30 am 'til 2:00pm
The Avalon Banquets Hall in Elk Grove Village, IL.

The event looks to be a very good time and
Nancy's one-of-a-kind works are not to be missed!
Image © junksmith