Marketing Monday: Gift Tags

Sending out Holiday Orders?
Include a Customized Gift Tag!
They're a simple yet effective way for the
hand-maker to take their branding to the next level.
Image © re-maker


How2 Tuesday: Mini Mini Cards & Case


Mini-Mini Cards & Case
Inspired by an empty Tic Tac® box, these mini-er than mini business cards are a fun way to market your shop! I used a large box for this tutorial but you can size your cards to fit the standard box as well (they’ll just be even mini-er!)

Here's what you need:
- an empty mint box

- heavy card stock
- a ruler
- scissors or cutter
- rounded corner puch (optional)
Step 1:
Peel the label from your container and pop the top off.
Soak both pieces in hot, soapy water and then rub clean (this should get rid of any label residue). Mineral oil will remove any remaining sticky bits but you’ll have to wash the box again with soapy water to remove all traces of oil.
Allow to air dry completely.

Before you make your mini mini cards, you need to take two
measurements: the height of your container and the width of
the lid opening. These measurements will determine the size of
your mini-mini cards. The cards need to easily slide out of your
container. For example, the measurements I took from my
large container meant that each of my cards needed to be
4/8 of an inch wide by 2 1/4 inch long.

Create your mini-mini cards!
You can design them on your computer and print them out.
If you want double-sided cards, you may have to do some test prints to ensure your front and back images line up.
Or... you can cut your card strips and write them out by hand.
Cut ‘em out!
(round the ends for added flair!)

Have some fun!
Add some quotes, maybe a discount code, a holiday greeting etc.
Make lots!
(the large container shown here holds 120 cards).

Place your cards in the container and pop the top back on.
Your ready to start marketing your shop! I’m sure you can think of many creative ways to utilize these teeny promo tools!


Trash Talk Thursdays: Buying Vintage, Recycled & Handmade

Delight Worthyn gives us...
8 Reasons to Buy Vintage, Recycled and Handmade
I have heard it said (re: the current economic strife)
that we are living in a new normal.
We will buy less but buy quality.
Bring it on…mindful spending!
1. Help contribute to establishing a new economy!
2. Contribute to decrease in fossil fuel erosion.
Purchasing mass produced products generally come from overseas plus barging it all over, production costs etc.
3. This new breed of craftsperson/merchant is often using recycled materials or selling vintage treasures.
4. Artisans/craftspeople love creating their wares
and pay a great attention to detail. This is the way it used to be, in other words, vintage.
5. Purchasing should be a conscious decision.
Be more conscious of spending and of where your
hard-earned money is going. This contributes to the bigger picture.
6. Made to last.
Many manufacturers make things with a purposelessly short (seasonal) lifespan. A handmade item will be made to last. This, of course, is much better for the environment. Quality over quantity!
7. A vintage item has already stood the ‘test of time’.
8. When you buy from an actual person.
This is the true “trickle down” economics...
...everyone wins.


What's Up Wednesday

This week one of our team members will be selling her handcrafted trashion wares at a show in Madison, WI - and it's me!  If you're in the Madison-area please stop by.  Not in the area, but know people who are?  Fabtastic - please send them this link and encourage them to "shop local, shop trashion" for the holidays!

Rachael of Rachael Brooke Art Jewelry will be selling at the Authentic Art Fair on Saturday, Nov. 20th from 9am - 3pm.  The fair will be held at St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 4011 Major Ave., Madison, WI. 

This is a very well juried annual fine art & fine craft show loaded with a fantastic variety of handcrafted goods.  Shop for photography, watercolors, soaps, felted wool creations, jewelry and more.The church ladies also put on a delicious lunch and tasty home-baked treats area available, too. 

I will be selling my "High-Style/Low-Impact" which I hand-fabricate from repurposed objects and 100% recycled sterling silver wire.  My Vintage Redoux Collection features designs made from vintage, antique or simply second-hand metal objects such as: tea, candy & tobacco tins; aluminum drinkware; and serving trays.  Show special: mention this post and get 10% off your purchase!


What's Up Wednesday

Welcome to my first "What's Up Wednesday" post!

This week, three of our team members will be selling their handcrafted wares at events in Massachusetts, Missouri, and Wisconsin.  If you're in those areas, take advantage of the opportunity to meet Etsy Trashion Team sellers in person and shop directly.  Don't live there, but you know people who do?  Great - send them this blog post and encourage them to shop local, shop trashion!

Pam of Remaker will be participating in the 14th Annual Amesbury Studio Tour on Saturday, Nov. 13th (10am - 4pm) and Sunday, Nov. 14th (12 - 4pm).  The tour is located at the Amesbury Cultural Center, 36 High St., Upper Millyard, Amesbury, MA 01913

The Amesbury Cultural Council presents the 14th Annual Open Studio Tour.  Local artists &
artisans will open their studios to display and sell their one of a kind work. It's a great opportunity to support your local creative economy and share in Amesbury's rich arts and culture community.  You can also enjoy a variety of performance art & live music during the weekend! For more details visit

Pam will be presenting many new items crafted from thrifted, found and recycled materials. It's an eclectic collection of funky,
yet useful, mixed media items in small sets, series or one of a kind pieces.  Her work combines thrift finds, repurposed materials, and gemstones with recycled sterling silver, steel, copper and brass to create unique pieces that make life a little more fun!  Imagine the fun you'd have wearing her Miniature Copper Book Pendant  or her Dekt Out Belt Buckle Pink No. 1

Emily of Candy Calamity will be selling at the Green Arts & Crafts Fair at the Garden on Saturday, Nov. 13th and Sunday, Nov. 14th (10am - 5pm both days).  The show will be held at the Missouri Botanical Garden 4344 Shaw Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63110 in the Ridgway Visitor Center, upper level.

The Green Arts & Crafts Fair is a great opportunity to buy unique holiday gifts made from recycled, handcrafted materials. Wrap up in a cashmere shawl, buy soap for a smelly friend, or purchase vintage-style holiday cards for everyone you know! 

Emily will be selling her bracelets and earrings made from candy wrappers, pouches made from fused plastic shopping bags, and christmas ornaments made from old holiday cards.  I'm in love with her Starburst Coin Purse - it's bright as summertime and reminds me that Starburst was my candy of choice at the beach concession stand when I was a kid!

Rachael Brooke of Rachael Brooke Art Jewelry (Hey, that's me!) will be selling at The Crafty Fair on Sunday, Nov. 14th (10am - 4pm).  Madison's freshest indie-artisan show will be held at the Goodman Community Center located at 149 Waubesa St., Madison, WI.

The Crafty Fair features 20 Madison-area artisans selling a variety of handcrafted wares such as: upcycled jewelry and clothes, soaps, crocheted items, and more.  Stop by the Ironworks Cafe before or after the show for delish food and coffee.  It's located inside the Community Center and just next door to the show.

I will be selling my "High-Style/Low-Impact" which I hand-fabricate from repurposed objects and 100% recycled sterling silver wire.  My Vintage Redoux Collection features designs made from vintage, antique or simply second-hand metal objects such as: tea, candy & tobacco tins; aluminum drinkware; and serving trays.  Stop by and get yourself or someone else some perfect holiday accessories like my Vintage Droste Chocolate Tin Earrings.


Marketing Monday: Self Promotion

brass horns

Toot your own horn!
Marketing should be an everyday part of your business.
Take your work with you everywhere you go!
Have your business cards with you, wear your work, carry
your work ... Send out postcards, do interviews, do giveaways,
take out ads on blogs. Participate in social media!
Self promotion - if you don't promote yourself, who will?

I'll be taking a break from blogging on the Etsy Trashion blog
until after the New Year. Stay tuned for some new authors!