How2 Tuesday: Mini Mini Cards & Case


Mini-Mini Cards & Case
Inspired by an empty Tic Tac® box, these mini-er than mini business cards are a fun way to market your shop! I used a large box for this tutorial but you can size your cards to fit the standard box as well (they’ll just be even mini-er!)

Here's what you need:
- an empty mint box

- heavy card stock
- a ruler
- scissors or cutter
- rounded corner puch (optional)
Step 1:
Peel the label from your container and pop the top off.
Soak both pieces in hot, soapy water and then rub clean (this should get rid of any label residue). Mineral oil will remove any remaining sticky bits but you’ll have to wash the box again with soapy water to remove all traces of oil.
Allow to air dry completely.

Before you make your mini mini cards, you need to take two
measurements: the height of your container and the width of
the lid opening. These measurements will determine the size of
your mini-mini cards. The cards need to easily slide out of your
container. For example, the measurements I took from my
large container meant that each of my cards needed to be
4/8 of an inch wide by 2 1/4 inch long.

Create your mini-mini cards!
You can design them on your computer and print them out.
If you want double-sided cards, you may have to do some test prints to ensure your front and back images line up.
Or... you can cut your card strips and write them out by hand.
Cut ‘em out!
(round the ends for added flair!)

Have some fun!
Add some quotes, maybe a discount code, a holiday greeting etc.
Make lots!
(the large container shown here holds 120 cards).

Place your cards in the container and pop the top back on.
Your ready to start marketing your shop! I’m sure you can think of many creative ways to utilize these teeny promo tools!


lilgreenshop said...

Cool idea! They would also make neat price tags for craft fairs aka price on one side/website on the other.

re-maker said...

This is a great idea!
I love it.

alexkeller said...

such a GREAT and FABULOUS idea - love love love it!

thatsmart said...

Hey thanks you two!

Vintage Redoux said...

This is an AWESOME idea!
Thank You for this

Zmalik said...

I had never ever seen such cool plastic business cards and words to praise your creativity....