dress you up

So you have a wonderful creation that you are going to sell on Etsy.

Scotch Tape Clock No.

How do you spread the word?

Wear it Loud and Proud Recycled LP

You need to convince all of those Etsy shoppers that your creation is the one they want.
This will involve promoting your work with packaging, advertising, and publicity.
First, let's talk about packaging.

Plantable Mini Pillow Boxes - WILDFLOWER Seed Handmade Recycled

"Good packaging arrests the eye, attracts the heart,
and perfectly suits the product being promoted." Martha Stewart
The packaging should reflect the quality of the product inside.
You've spent some time making your creation,
spend a little time packaging it up nicely, too.
Who doesn't love getting pretty package?

Recycled Felted Wool Flower Pin Kit - Makes three

Recycled packaging can be attractive -
use the same creativity to fashion your packaging that you use to make your creations.
Wrap it up in tissue, or with a ribbon (all recycled, of course!).
Use pages from an old book or magazine and pieces of fabric.

Eco-Friendly Handstitched Vintage Furoshiki Cloth

Make envelopes from paper in your recycling bin.

Upcycled Junk Mail Inner Envelopes for Shipping -

Include a thank you note or card.

Mother and Child Custom notecards set of

And don't forget your card.

design your own sustainable quilty wallet / business card

Try to be consistent with your packaging - make it part of your branding and image.
Many sellers do this by including a photo of their packing in their listing of their item.
Do you?

Single Happy Heart Earrings From Upcycled

Next week: a bit about advertising.


Here comes Santa Claus!

Are you ready?

Double Business Card Recycled LP Display
Gather up your cards,

Gift Tags from Upcycled Chip Board and Recycled Card Stocks
your tags,

Upcycled Surprise Box

your boxes

Set of 3 Tropical Fabric Gift Bags - Recycled Hawaiian Shirts - Aloha Cottons - Red and Blue for All Occasions
and bags.

jolly ole st nick pop art earrings
We're going on a midnight sleigh ride!

I'm starting a series on Marketing!
So about once a week, I'll be posting ideas, tips and advice,
from books, other blogs and some of my own experiences.
I hope you all will share your tips and advice, too!

Alex Keller