Feature Me Friday: Unraveled Revelry

This week we have Elizabeth Revels of Unraveled Revelry
from Louisville, KY.

Who is Unraveled Revelry?
Just one little gal trying to change the face of consumerism and
live a better life by doing things for myself. The things I make are
useful, but also artistic. I feel like the beauty of life is found in the
everyday. Unraveled Revelry grew out of a desire to not only
eliminate the waste I saw in my life, but to offer others the ability
to limit waste in theirs. When people around me started wanting
reusable bags I knew there had been a shift in popular thinking.
I love to sew. It is both technical and creative at the same time.
I really enjoy the puzzles that present themselves in what I do.
Really it's me just getting to do what I love.

Witch Hat Leather

What’s the first thing you remember making?
I was around five years old. I am sure I made things beforehand,
but I don't remember them. The first thing of note was this little
draw string purse I made with my grandmother. It made me so happy.

Why work with recycled materials?
Waste is a devastating tragedy we can't afford to overlook. Growing
up with an appreciation for secondhand has influenced the way
I live and the way I craft. To be stylish as a kid I had to learn to
"Frankenstein" things. It was very empowering. Keeping disposables
from being the everyday norm is something I have a passion for.
So for me it's mostly environmental. The environment as a whole
as well as the one I grew up in. Good stewardship is a virtue I hold dear.

Where do you work?
I have a small studio in my apartment. I look forward to having
more space. It seems like my fabric stash is always threatening
to avalanche on me. It certainly pushes one to be very organized.

Bat bag hand embroidered

How do you get from A to Z?
Each of my pieces are dictated by the fabrics used to make it.
From the time I choose my fabrics, it's all kind of like a puzzle.
Where do I need to make the cut for straps? To reuse that pocket
or make a new one? I am getting ready to experiment with batching.
A whole new concept for me.

What are your favorite tools?
My utility knife- it's the best seam ripper I have. My snipes for
cutting close to fabric (all my seams are hand finished). I found
these craft rulers that have cork on the back and they are great for
holding the fabric in place when using the cutting wheel. Most
of all my 1920's industrial singer. It makes the magic happen.

What music do you listen to while you’re working?
I listen to a lot of different things. I'm really
into my music collection. The top ones would be: My morning
jacket (famous local boys), Iron & Wine, Calexico, The White
Stripes, The dead weather, the raconteurs (can you tell I like
Jack White?), Pearl Jam, The kills…

What are the five best things you’ve purchased on Etsy
and where did you find them?
I don't buy a whole lot. I'm kind of frugal that way. However,
I started a tradition three years ago to buy myself something from
Etsy with the money I get for my birthday. Thank you family
and friends.
A beautiful print from Tollipop
A great walnut hair pick I use everyday from Wooden Treasures
An awesome recycled skateboard pendant from O'Blue
There are many artists out there that I want to get things from
and the next two are:
Girl Savage and The Generation

Jolly Rodger hand embroidered

Read any good books lately?
It may sound funny coming from a seamstress, but
I really enjoyed the DIY book "How to Sew a Button" By Erin
Bried. I am currently reading Handmade Nation.

Been to any great exhibits?
Every couple of months I go to the Arts and
Crafts museum here in Louisville.

Who inspires you?
When it comes to sewing my greastest inspiration comes from
my grandmothers. Both have always taught me the value of thrift
and secondhand. My Memaw is a seamstress and the one who
taught me to sew. She is an amazing woman who once made a
kimono for my cousin from a picture. My Nana ran a large business
and taught me to be independent. She is my biggest influence to
go into business for myself.

A rose by any other name

What do you do for fun?
Bon fires, hanging with friends over good food and brews, singing,
playing around at making music. Reading a lot of how to books
and scribbling notes in journals. Playing strategy games, brain
teasers and puzzle games. Gardening. Camping and hiking.
Crafting of course.

Besides Etsy, where can we find you work?
I am talking to a gallery about having some of my
things but it's not final yet. So right now Etsy is the only
place to find me.

Black jean and flowers bag

How do you promote your work?
I have just started a blog: A Self Made Life
I use Facebook: Unraveled Revelry
and Twitter: ElizabethRevels
This December I will be featured in a local magazine

Have any words of wisdom?
It can be scary to venture out on your own, but
just do it. Even small steps will get you there.

What’s in your future?
Self sufficiency. Living the life I love. I am
looking forward to branching out into the craft fair world. I am
working toward being a full time artist. Where else can you meet
such awesome people.


Marketing Monday: Qualities of a Successful Artist

I recently purchased
Creative, Inc.: The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful
Freelance Business
by Meg Mateo Ilasco & Joy Deangdeelert Cho.
At the very start of the book, the authors describe qualities of
a successful freelancer. As I read them, I thought these same
qualities are also essential for a successful artist. Substitute Etsy
shop owner for artist, selling art, jewelry, craft, even vintage ...
business owner, manager, consultant - these are qualities of
a successful person in any field.

So let's review:

One: A strong business sense.
You may make beautiful widgets. But if you can't promote them,
no one will ever see them.

Aspen Leaf from Tripel Karmeliet

Two: A love of your art.
If you are selling life insurance,
you should be passionate about life insurance.

Three: Curiosity
If you sit in a studio all day,
go to the science museum or take a finance class.
If you sit in a cubicle all day,
visit a gallery or the library and find a good book.

Vintage Library Book Pockets and Due Date Slips

Four: Confidence and a strong vision.
When you decide to follow a recipe you have never made before,
you are confident the outcome will be a success.

Five: Good listening and observation skills.
When you're the new kid in class, you check everyone out first -
then you move to make friends with those that will be compatible.

Six: Good communication skills.
When composing a proposal, you should be able to write it legibly,
type it up in an organized fashion, be your own copy editor, and
present it well verbally.

Miniature Copper Book Pendant

Seven: An ability to handle criticism and rejection.
Your professor was brutal in that last critique.
You maintained composure, didn't argue, and took the advice.
Your next critique was stellar.
You asked out 10 girls in as many weeks with no success.
You asked out girl number 11 and she said yes.

Dryer Pillow Sheets Sachet Keep Calm and Recycle On SET of THREE

Eight: A positive attitude and professional demeanor.
If you're having a bad day, leave it at the door.
Customers don't want to hear it.
If you have some great news, by all means, share it.
But please don't give your life story.

Nine: Good work habits.
"Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."
Benjamin Franklin

Record Album Clock - Rock

And my personal quality I'd like to add:
Ten: A friendly sense of humor.
No one wants to work with a stick in the mud.
An ability to laugh will make you a more well rounded and
interesting artist/freelancer/shop owner/manager.


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Images & Text © appninjas



Feature Me Friday:

This week we have Vicki of Wearwolf and MyFathersHouse,
from Tucson, AZ.

Recycled Jewelry Circle Bracelet from Upcycled License Plates Leather Wristlet With Button From Upcycled License Plate Recycled Jewelry Industrial Chic License Plate Earrings Recycled Jewelry Industrial Chic License Plate Earrings

Vicki is now obsessive about making cool stuff from
recycled/found objects. Giving things new life as beautiful
keepsakes is very rewarding! Using the process to teach future
generations to look at trash differently is the main goal.

Recycled Jewelry Brass Ribbon Steampunk Charm  Necklace Recycled Jewelry Brass Ribbon Day of the Dead Charm Necklace Recycled Jewelry Brass Bird on a Swing Charm Necklace Recycled Jewelry Necklace Create

I'll be the one walking along the side of the road picking up
every tiny item someone else has discarded as trash!

Recycled Aluminum Jewelry Shrine Brooch Skull OOAK Recycled Jewelry Shrine Flower Brooch from repurposed aluminum OOAK Andy Warhol  Shrine Brooch from recycled metal OOAK Vintage Barbie Shrine Brooch From Recycled Alluminum OOAK

The recycling of metal is labor intensive. All cans are washed, dried
and cut. Cutting also includes "flesh" and I go through many bandages!
I then emboss, shape, paint, sand, distress, and/or file each piece into
a little creation of art. Add fun images in bottle caps or lovely glass
charms wire wrapped by hand and "Voila", a little piece of personal
wearable art!


Marketing Monday: Etsy on Sale

Etsy On SaleEtsy On SaleEtsy On SaleEtsy On Sale

Have you ever wanted to run a sale in your Etsy shop?
The only way to do it is to mark and edit each item,
send the buyer a new invoice, or
give each customer a refund of the discount.
Not any more!
This week Etsy on Sale had my Twitter a buzz.
The site does all the work for running a sale in your Etsy shop.

Etsy On Sale is a collaborative effort between three friends who love Etsy and are big fans of those who buy and sell handmade items. Etsy On Sale is their effort to help the
handmade movement continue its exponential growth. Etsy On Sale is a service for both shop owners and customers. Artists now have a simple way to manage and promote discounts and sales events for their Etsy shops. Shoppers now have a site where they can easily connect with Etsy sellers who are offering promotions.

The site has a great forum set up for communication, too.
Since it is brand new, Etsy on Sale is working on getting timing
and kinks worked out, and has asked for your patience.
I think it just might be worth it!