Checking in on...
Miss Courageous!

I was poking around Miss Courageous' shop this morning and 
I thought I'd share all of the cool things that I found! 
It's exciting to see creativity in action!!

Millie Hilgert designs and makes all Miss Courageous jewelry & accessories. Everything she makes used to be something else. Call it upcycling, recycling, repurposing, eco-friendly, crafting green, re-use, reinvent, or redesign. Whatever you call it, ultimately it means you get something fresh, fun and new from something that reminds you of your childhood. From vintage game pieces and record vinyl to bottle caps and altered LEGO bricks, Miss Courageous transforms pop culture into Pop Jewelry and Accessories for you and your home. 
Her work is constantly evolving and new pieces are created regularly.

Millie's work has been seen on Boise’s channel 6 news, featured in the Idaho Statesman, the Boise Weekly, Treasure Valley Family Magazine, Idaho Business Review, Boise Urban Liaison, Eagle Magazine, Las Vegas Home & Design and showcased on several popular blogs.

You can find Miss Courageous and her entire collection Saturdays at the Capitol City Public Market downtown Boise mid April - Christmas. 
If you're in Boise stop by my brick & mortar studio store, 

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crazy cool stuff made from recycled glass the newest members of the Trashion Team, reVetro!

Live smart, think green.

We are a daughter and mother-in-law team who have been designing and creating jewelry together since 2000. We started using recycled glass bottles as the main medium in our jewelry designs in 2009 and opened reVetro in 2011. Our passion for upcycling discarded wood, metal, fiber, paper and glass is the inspiration behind all of our lines. With four decades of experience in repurposing, reVetro is powered by endless innovation.

Over the years we have established relationships with local bars, restaurants and recyclers in our community to receive empty glass bottles to upcycle. Thanks to our strong roots and the generosity of fellow San Diegans, we are able to add new and unusual bottle jewelry while continuing to offer our most popular products. We add one of a kind designs to our Etsy Shop weekly and announce our unique items on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest pages. 

We will continue to expand our line of reclaimed wood products offering a unique array of eco-friendly home decor. Although the core of reVetro is repurposing glass into jewelry and accessories, we occasionally fulfill custom order requests for tumblers, vase, lighting and more. Wholesale to buyers is available.

Images & Text © reVetro


Upcycling Plastics and the Fish Sculptures in Rio

I discovered these amazing fish sculptures when a Facebook friend posted a photo of them.  Created out of plastic bottles, they were installed on Botafogo Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  in time for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development last week.  The conference was a follow up to the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development, also held in Rio.  A sign near the sculptures said (in Portuguese) 'recycle your attitude'.

Image ©  Reuters

We on the Etsy Trashion Team are familiar with recycling our attitude.  It's about thinking of the impact of what we buy and consume.  It's about looking at trash and seeing the possibilities.  Here are a few terrific examples...

Spalted Maple Pendant with Upcycled Plastic Bottle
Image © Tangora Designs
REcap Bracelet from Upcycled Marker Caps
Image © Twitch and Whiskers

Upcycled Plastic Phone Card
Image © Junck

Here's to a sustainable future!