Trashion team spotlight - Interview: Kae1Crafts

Shop name: Kae1Crafts
Shop address:

In a nutshell:
I sell a variety of trashion items as well as regular crafts such as: greeting cards, ACEOs, Jewelry - mainly wire-wrapped, clothing.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

My husband of 47 years and I live in a travel trailer and have traveled since 1989. We are retired. I enjoy most needlecrafts, jewelry making, painting and other crafts -- but I failed at learning tatting -- just couldn’t handle that one!!! I also love to read, visit new places and meet people.

Trashion materials: paper, stones, found items, fabric, lace, yarn.

I transform them into: Cards, ACEOs, Collages, Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories, Items for the home.

How do you do it?

I usually look at the fabric, for instance, and see what I think it should become. Often an old pair of jeans wants to be two or three different items such as - an apron, a skirt, a trim or a bag. Most of the time I let the materials dictate what I am creating.

What inspired you to do this and why are you involved in trashion?

I’ve always enjoyed reusing items and making something good out of something that might be thrown away. You might say it is “My Mother’s fault” as she often made my clothing out of flour sacks, older dresses or whatever she had on hand. We lived on a farm and she survived the depression by being frugal and still is today. I guess I just learned her habits.

Do you remember the first thing you made using the trashion concept? What was it?

Not really but I can guess. My first trashion item was probably clothes for my doll from Mom’s sewing scraps.

What are your current projects and what is on the horizon?

I am working on creating clothing from thrift store finds, my closet overflow and yard sale treasures.

Why should people buy handmade, and buy from trashion?

Because handmade is unique, usually high quality workmanship and trashion saves items from becoming a blight on our beautiful planet.

More you'd like to share:

I feel privileged to be a part of the trashion effort as we live in such a beautiful world and we are discarding far too many items and using our natural resources at an alarming rate. It one small thing I can do to keep our world beautiful and I find it a lot of fun to create something lovely from something that is literally trash.


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Trashion Outfitters #2 - Back To School

Many thanks to Catherine, better known as SweetyPrize, for this week's Trashion Outfit featuring items from Etsy Trashion Team members shops!!

Back to School! Time to learn some lessons about trashion! No matter what grade you're in, you'll need to outfit yourself in all the things that make learning fun. But it doesn't have to be virgin pulp notebooks and sticky notes. Instead, you can take from this list and learn how back to school can be back to trashion - using items that escape the use of new resource and instead focus on recycled materials in their items. Check out the trashion items you can fill your bookbag with!

First start with an eco-chic book bag by HelloKnitty! Perfect size for your turn of the century novels.
You've got to kick off the school year with a fresh notebook. Here's one from NatureMadeScents!

As you drag your laptop to class make it well protected with this laptop cover by dkoss2.

Students should always have their library cards ready - and with this necklace by Miggipyn they will!

And these pins will be a big help during French class, thanks to spaceoddities!

Keep the important stuff at the ready in a clutch, otherwise your cell will drown in your bookbag! Try this one from pouch!

And you'll need something special to write a secret note on! Slip this under the desk when the Teach ain't looking. It's by HeyLady!

What a great selection for back to school. Don't forget to check out team member's shops for all your shopping needs!


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Trashion makes the Front Page

A treasury made by graced the front page ( this week! Here is a screenshot, and below it find the last time a trashion treasury made the front page :-)
august 21:

july 26!

Trashion Outfitter

Here it is - the very first Trashion Outfitter ensemble!! This lovely selection has a black and white theme (so perfect for any time of the year!) and was selected by Christine, aka Eye Pop Art . Thanks Christine - what a great selection!

This unique trashion outfit starts with this lovely Forties Hot Dot Dame Slip Dress by RunzwithScissors:

To accessorize, how about these 3 White Beads Black Vinyl Record Earrings by groovyvinyl ?

Around the neck could go this Soho Chocker by reneedesigns!

This Black Roman Record Cuff by Eye Pop Art would be the perfect touch around your wrist!

And for the perfect finishing touch, how about these Perfect Sound Forever Record Hairpins by disCARDS!

What a great outfit!! Who knew trashion could look so good??

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There's a team chat on Sunday!

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Trashion team spotlight Interview: wabisabi brooklyn

Shop name: wabisabi brooklyn
Shop address:
In a nutshell: decoupage jewelry

Tell us a bit about yourself : They met teaching in Manhattan, but
Naomi Strom and MaryAnne LoVerme of wabisabi brooklyn were soon
getting together for regular days of arts and crafts.
"It started off as a way to relieve stress," says Strom, "But before
long we realized we wanted to share our creations with others."

Whether in Strom's Kensington residence, or in Carroll Gardens, where
LoVerme grew up and still lives, the two quickly focused on decoupage
as their chief creative outlet. Though much-abused in the 1970s, they
use the technique to create uniquely beautiful jewelry. The team uses
vintage elements, recycled papers, and humble metals such as copper to
create their designs.

"We want our pieces to embody the meaning behind the name of our
company," says LoVerme. "Wabi-sabi is a Japanese aesthetic concept
that means finding beauty in imperfection. We're always doing that in
our daily lives, so it reflects the way we try to see the beauty in
the grittier parts of Brooklyn, and that comes across in the pieces we

Wabisabi brooklyn creates and sells original, vintage-inspired
decoupage jewelry using a combination of humble and precious metals,
found paper images, and assorted ephemera. Created by school teachers
MaryAnne LoVerme and Naomi Strom in their Brooklyn kitchens, wabisabi
brooklyn designs are available online at, and at
eclectic boutiques across the nation.

Wabisabi brooklyn is a proud member of the Etsy Trashion Street Team.

Trashion materials: copper, coins, recycled paper, upcycled bits from
broken or unloved jewelry

I transform them into: beautiful unique decoupaged jewelry

How do you do it? Using the paper that floods in through junk mail, we
decoupage coins and other shapes, coat them with a protective resin
and put them into our original designs, often using vintage elements
in addition to the recycled paper.

What inspired you to do this and why are you involved in trashion?
We were simultaneously needing a creative outlet and frustrated by the
endless amounts of paper waste in our lives. Decoupaging with the
Japanese aesthetic concept pf wabisabi in mind really helps us to turn
a negative into a positive.

Do you remember the first thing you made using the trashion concept?
What was it?

That would be a necklace using decoupages bottle caps as pendants.

What are your current projects and what is on the horizon?
We are starting to use coins more and to introduce more men's items,
like cuff links made with decoupaged nickels. On the horizon is the
start of the new school year, and I (MaryAnne) will be running a
jewelry making club for the first time, so I am excited about teaching
some younger people about the Trashion philosophy.

Why should people buy handmade, and buy from trashion?
Buying handmade is patriotic - there are so few things manufactured in
the U.S.A. these days, the handmade culture is the way to go. Trashion
adds the wonderful element of responding to consumer culture by
turning trash into treasure.


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we've finally posted some more pictures here:

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