Pima Air & Space Museum

Recently, I went to the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, AZ.

I felt it was the ultimate in recycling

what a great way to keep things out of a landfill - put them in a museum!

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Interview with Katherine of The Floating Market

1. What is your shop address? Do you have other sites as well?

My shop is at My other shop is at, and my blog is

2. What draws you to using trashion materials?

Well, for one thing, it is hard to beat the price! And while I still try to be careful with my materials, I also worry less about "messing up" when I'm using something I got for $.10 out of a thrift store bin. Besides which, old, battered, and re-purposed fits my urban fantasy aesthetic.

3. What trashion materials do you use?

Old transit and parking tokens, old keys, thrift bin neckties and coats. Fabric samples from a home decorator who was changing their catalog. I also have a lot of beads and buttons that aren't quite "trashion" but which came to me as found objects.

4. Do you remember the first thing you made using the trashion concept?

I was making a Halloween costume as the Goblin Queen. I tore the lining out a black leather jacket I got for $1/lb at the Dig 'n' Save, repaired a busted seam with bright red embroidery floss, and replaced the buttons with an assortment of doo-dads I had lying around. It really worked, and I ended up wearing it again for a LARP (live-action role playing) character in a game based on "Neverwhere".

5. Where do you find your inspiration?

I think about that LARP character, and wonder what things she and her friends would wear when they wanted to be fancy. They'd have to cobble together something shiny from whatever bits and pieces they could scrounge.

6. Name three artists/musicians/writers who have influenced your work?

Neil Gaiman, Charles De Lint, and Trina Schart Hyman (i'm not an illustrator, but her work made me want to be an artist)

7. What are your current projects and what is on the horizon?

Currently I'm making little earrings and pendants with tokens and keys. On the horizon I have a big bin of coats in various stages of progress that I want to finish, and another bin of neckties....I'd like to make more of those scarves.

8. Anything else you'd like to add?

I am very excited to be selling things on Etsy, and happy to be a part of Etsy Team Trashion!



Just wanted to let you know that Etsy Trashion team member

Christine of Eye Pop Art

Walnut Wheel  -  a Popsicle Clock made from Recycled Vinyl Record

has been busy working on the Etsy Trashion Team fan page

facebook logo by sylvia_melba.

We currently have over 600 fans!
What a great way to spread the work about trashion
and to promote your own work!
So if you haven't already, become a fan, spread the word,
and if you would like, put the badge on your blog!

Here's the code! Just copy and paste!" title="Etsy Trashion Team" target="_TOP" style="font-family: "lucida grande",tahoma,verdana,arial,sans-serif; font-size: 11px; font-variant: normal; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; color: #3B5998; text-decoration: none;">Etsy Trashion Team" title="Etsy Trashion Team" target="_TOP">" width="" height="" style="border: 0px;" />" title="Make your own badge!" target="_TOP" style="font-family: "lucida grande",tahoma,verdana,arial,sans-serif; font-size: 11px; font-variant: normal; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; color: #3B5998; text-decoration: none;">Promote Your Page Too


Etsy Trashion in the Handmade Olympics!!!

We've been selected to be on the 'shortlist' for voting in the Handmade Olympics!
Please GO VOTE for the Trashion Team and spread the word!
Here's a part of rikrak's post:

thanks so very much for all of your fantastic nominations in the 2010 Handmade Olympics. what a wonderful celebration of handmade!
without further ado, i'm thrilled to present our judges' shortlist for event #5!

thanks so much to our wonderful judge for this event, the inspiring + always encouraging artist Mitsy of Artmind: the beautiful shop + amazing hands-on blog.

what our judge had to say about the nominations: "Here is my shortlist for the Handmade Olympics 2010. What a joy it was to find out more about all the nominations. I tried to get a diversity of nominees together. It's a gathering of people who do things just because, who share their live and love for handmade through their blog, who are an inspiration to others, who volunteer to make this world a better place through their craft, who raise money for people and creatures in need, who are caring & sharing,... There are so many people out there who forward kindness of all sorts. I'm happy to present the following ten people/organisations (in random order) ."

Etsy Trashion team
People that turn trash into treasures is what this team does. The Trashion Team is a group of artists that create art, jewelry, fashion and objects for the home from materials that were leftover, discarded, or found, and sell them on Etsy.
I think it's fantastic that objects get a second life and get recycled or re-used and the amount of creativity involved is amazing.

Please see the original post for the additional nominees!


new widget

How would you like to have a shopping cart on your blog that links directly to your Etsy shop?

Say Yes Print 5 in x 5 in with Envelope

I received an email from Etsy Team Superstars by Celeste Meyeres of Crickets Creations.

Peacock of the Sea Handknit Blue, Green, Purple Ribbon Scarf with Feathery Accents Ain't No Chicken

"One of my teamies on another team just told me about this and I'm so excited...
visitors to your blog see scrolling photos of your etsy shop items
and can buy directly from your blog....a kind of shopping cart for free!
I deleted my flickr widget, my Etsy widget,
and a few other widgets and now just have this.
See how it looks here:
(they mention that they're planning on adding a multi-item widget
and I'm sure the look of the original widget will improve, as well):
Here's where to download: (type in your shop name and then click "Widget")
A new set of tools to share with fellow Etsians!
This has got me excited enough to find time to blog again, lemme tellya...."

OMG Scrabble Tile Holiday Ornament

So what do you think?
Let us know if you are going to use it and what sort of results you get!