More Love from Team Trashion

There is lots of love to go around at Team Trashion! Here are today's sweet finds!
Above is an Upcycled Flutter Sleeve Dress by allthenumbers $40. She has upcycled a men's shirt to make this!

Here is a great way to say "I Love You" - Musical Heart Note Cards by samann1121 $8. This set of 5 cards is made from upcycled magazines and sheet music.

This versatile pouch is a great gift by itself, but you can fill it with other goodies if you want! Upcycled Bangle Pouch by fisheye $11. The fabric is from a vintage curtain.

A plush pillow says "Love", this is Sweetheart Stanley by buttercupbloom $28.

This Ecofriendly Silky Handknit Scarf by ASecondChance $50, will be a colorful addition to the late Winter wardrobe of your Valentine! Made from reclaimed yarn from unraveled sweaters!


Drew of Fairy Tale Fibers said...

ooooo ahhhh! I'm so in love with Stanly! Great upcycled finds!

Anonymous said...

Awesome again! I love 'em all. Thanks!

the rikrak studio said...

fabulous! love love love 'em!