Greetings! Trashion has all your holiday stationary covered!

If you're sending a card, wrapping a gift or tagging a package, the etsy trashion team has got all you need. Check out these lovely items, to make your holidays eco-fabulous. They are made with recycled or found papers and items. has tons of options. Check out her shop for gift cards and more, but here are some great wintery gift tags: offers some cheeky holiday cards made out of vintage pinups: repurposed buttons and cardstock into some bright and cheery tags: offers one of a kind cards focusing on peace. The message inside is: "Peace to you wherever you are." has this pretty card to fill your heart this holiday: says gift wrap doesn't have to be a waste. Take her reusable gift wrap, for example. Made of vintage fabric, you can use it again and again: has your envelope needs covered. Here is one of several sets offered:

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