TRASHY KIDS~Earth Day & Green Share!

EARTH DAY is April 22nd, 2009 and this activity is excellent for kids as well as the whole family! It is a cross promotion activity that is being distributed by Team Eco Etsy and members of Trashion.

"Green Share is the passing on and sharing of a gift of seeds and a starter planter that is given freely to classrooms, local businesses, neighbors, friends and family in celebration of Earth day. The gift can be anonymous or can help show your business or organization’s commitment to Eco-Friendly living."

There are many ways to participate in this activity. The materials needed are free and easily downloaded and printable. This is an excellent opportunity to give back to the community as well. My family is thinking about taking some of our packets to an assisted living home within walking distance of our own.

You can use seeds harvested from your own flower or vegetable gardens or you can buy inexpensive seeds from a local store such as Walmart, Lowes, garden center. We happen to reuse old planters but yogurt containers can be substituted as well. There are endless possibilities!

To access the downloadable print-outs and more detailed directions, please follow the link HERE.

And most importantly, ENJOY!

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tamdoll said...

Loving this project. Made my seed packets with recycled garden catalog pages, too. Been having fun giving them out to folks also.