TRASHY KIDS~Lady Bug Rocks!

Lady bug rocks are a hit with my kids and I'm sure they'd be a hit with yours, too!These little buggies can be used as shelf decorations, paperweights, or larger ones can be decorative in a colorful garden! Let your kids pick their favorite color. Jordan happens to love the color purple so a purple lady bug rock for her it is!

What you'll need:

*Smooth, round or oval rocks
*Acrylic craft paint
*Black acrylic craft paint
*Black Sharpie marker
*Acrylic matte sealer spray
*White craft glue (Tacky Glue)
*2 wiggle eyes for each ladybug

How to make it:

1 Completely wash and dry all rocks.
2 Paint rocks in desired colors, allow to dry. Apply second and third coats if needed. Lighter colors will require more coats than darker shades.
3 Paint head on using black acrylic craft paint. There is no pattern needed, simply paint about 1/4 of the rock black in the front.
4 Use a black Sharpie to draw a straight line down the center of the rock, starting at the center of the base of the “head”.
5 Dip the end of a large paint brush, or the eraser of a pencil, in black craft paint. Dot on the spots, reloading with paint after every dot.
6 Once the paint is dry, spray the rock(s) with acrylic sealer spray. Allow sealer to dry completely.
7 Using white craft glue, attach wiggle eyes and let dry.


Bigger rocks are easier for small hands to manipulate. They are also heavier, so be sure that there are enough adult helpers for a group of little ones.

White and black paint can be used instead of wiggle eyes. Simply dot on white paint, allow to dry, then use a smaller tool to dot on the black.

This craft idea is one that our family has done for several years. I recently came across a great site that showed the same craft. I remembered the ones we did a long time ago and decided to post it for Trashion, too. The site link is here.


re-maker said...

Oh my gosh, I love those!

Kids Learn @ Kiboom Daily said...

We loved your Ladybug Rock Painting Activity, so we shared it on our site!

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