TRASHY KIDS~Recycled T-shirt Necklace

My husband happens to be a contractor in the field of paint and trim finishing. We will often recycle our old faded, holey, are shrunken T-shirts into rags for him to use with his stain. My daughter Hanna gets the fun job of cutting these shirts into rags on occasion. As I was coming around the corner to see how she was getting a long, I noticed that she had begun to make herself a bit of jewelry using some of the scraps.

Hanna often gets distracted from her jobs and usually gets in trouble with these distractions but instead of hollering at her for the distraction I commended her for her artistic spontaneity! Shhhh! Don't tell my husband.

Here is what Hanna did.

She simply cut the collars out of three different colored T-shirts and tied them in a knot at one end. She then proceeded to braid the three strands until her necklace was long enough to wear. She added about two more inches of braid (to allow room to tie off) and knotted the end. Hanna then simply wrapped the soft Cotton necklace around her neck and made a loose tie. Voila!

Hanna has informed me that these necklaces can be made into bracelets as well and can be shared with friends. Thank you Hanna for this weeks entry of TRASHY KIDS!


fisheye said...

Love this idea, Hanna! This kind of creativity makes you an honorary Trashion Team member! Congratulations!

auclairdelalune said...

I always like to see kids being crafty & green! Cool idea -- I've got crafty recycling kids who might be trying out this project this weekend!

loneweever said...

Go Hanna!
Thanks for your great idea, and for sharing it.

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its really nice and fun.

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