TRASHY KIDS~Apple Stamp Art

This is a simple but totally fun art project using only a few materials with easy clean up!

2 apples,cut in half 2 different ways
paper towels
paper plates
Tempera paints-red,green, and yellow
11x18" white construction paper
smock or old T-shirt

These instructions are to make a collage of apple-shaped prints.
1. Have an adult cut the apples in half length wise and horizontally. Let them dry for about an hour so they are able to hold the paint.
2. Lay down newspaper to protect your surface.
3. Lay down the construction paper on the newspaper.
4. Pour some paint onto the paper plates in your choice of color. (I found 3 colors on a plate to be just enough so that the children have any easier time with not mixing colors.)
5. Dip an apple half face down in one color of paint.
6. Help your child blot some of the excess paint onto paper towels.
7. Press the apple onto the paper in several directions.
8. Reapply paint to the apple if your student desires to make more of the same color.
9. When its time to change colors, have your child blot the excess paint onto paper towels until no more paint comes off.
10. Repeat steps 5-8 with all the colors and apples shapes. The colors and shapes may be overlapped for a collage effect and for secondary colors to appear!
11. Help your child clean up the materials and himself.
12. Let the painting dry before hanging.

VARIATION: Use other vegetables to use for printing: sliced green peppers and mushrooms; cauliflower and broccoli florets; citrus fruits, like oranges(let dry about four days before using.) Oh! Pears are an excellent stamp choice as well!

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alexkeller said...

I think I once saw somewhere that you can use potatoes, too. And even cut out a design to stamp!