Trash Talk Thursdays: Where are our frogs?

Where are our frogs?

Not so many frogs left around.
Pollution or evolution of species
the matter is "where are our frogs?".

Forget the golden toad of Costa Rica,
we should be aware that even the simple
green Hyla arborea is hard to find.

You don't care? Too bad. I do.
And I do for many other things.

Put a frog in front of fresh water and it will jump in,
in front of boiling water and it will go opposite direction,
leave it swimming in fresh water and make the water warmer and warmer...
she will die in it without being aware.
That's happening to us.

Frogs are fading away like our words.
Like human rights.
Like trees.
Like true happiness.

Frogs were powerful "tools"
to get closer to nature and gods.

They are leaving. Like so many other things.
Wake up.
It's not too late.

Ila Sadun

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© Ila Sadun 2010

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