Feature Me Friday: remaker

We're starting up another new series with Feature Me Friday.
This week will be a mini feature about Pam, or remaker, as you may know her.
Pam's been the Etsy Trashion leader since I joined the team last year.
She's the glue keeping all of us hoarders, I mean recyclers, together.

Pam has had her own business for more than 20 years.
She's been working with a variety of metals since 1994. It all started with steel wire and cold connections, Calder style. Her Book'markers™ were inspired by the time she spent with her son when he was just a babe. She's made more than you can imagine since those early days!

3 Heart Book'markers- Special Etsy Price

About seven years ago she learned to work with a torch and has grown to love making custom sterling and recycled gold pieces. Upcycled stuff started showing up in her work about ten years ago. There's nothing greater than the challenge to make something Funky Yet Useful™ from stuff other people think is junk.

Tin Can Earrings Make A List Upcycled Refrigerator Notebooks- set of 4 Special Price Rubber Roofing 'Ristband v. R-1.75 dekt out upcycled bangle

Pam's original shop is naturemadescents
and she also has two others (busy lady!)
ReSupply and weddingstuff

Cat Stuff- Catnip Bone 2.24mm Ball Chain- 36 inch with Connectors Pink Pillow Pearls 5-6mm strand White Nylon Tulle- 25 yards

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