Marketing Monday: 10 Tips for Getting Press for Your Products

Sam Hirst of Inklore wrote a post last week on a blog called meylah
'10 Tips for Getting Press for Your Products'
It is chock full of advice from "Ask!" to "Try, Try Again" & "Be a Social Butterfly."

Butterfly Earth Friendly Bag/Tote/Market

"The best way to make sure that the creative powers that be find out about you and your work is to introduce yourself to them. If you sit back and wait to be found, you will likely be waiting a long time."

"Believe me, I know it’s hard not to take it personally when a blogger decides not to show your work. I’ve been told no more times than I can even remember. Some bloggers are really lovely and will send you a note and others won’t, but don’t give up."

"Be active in the blogging world, talk about other people, and spotlight others, what goes around comes around if the motives are right. Be honest and genuinely social. Go back to high school and think about what made the 'cool kids' cool. I wasn't one, but it's my guess they didn't sit around worrying about why they weren't noticed." olive manna

What have you done to get press for your products?


Good Girls Studio said...

Good tips! Never give up, never surrender ;)

Dishfunctional Designs said...

One of my favorite saying is this: "Success depends on your backbone, not your wishbone"