Marketing Monday: How to Design the Perfect Packaging

I hope everyone had a great Earth Day celebration!
I'm back with a series I'm calling Marketing Monday!
In addition to writing a few posts,
I'll be posting links to lots of great posts and articles.

This first link is to a post in a great series called
Biz Ladies on Design Sponge.
How to Design the Perfect Packaging


Most of us are very small businesses and ecofriendly, too.
So while we may not use or want to use much packaging,
there are still some important points in the post.

" ... packaging is a powerful avenue for “finishing” your product and make it seem much more valuable than if it would be unadorned. Even if it’s just a sticker or hang-tag, these little extras convey importance and attention to detail ... "

"Packaging doesn’t have to cost a lot at all. I recommend for start-ups and small businesses with small budgets just entering the world of consumer product sales to start with stock packaging customized with a label."

Gift Tags from Upcycled Chip Board and Recycled Card Stocks

'Stock packaging' can be recycled boxes or handmade boxes made from recycled paper.If you don't want to use boxes, even hang tags can be made from recycled paper or chipboard right from your recycling bin. Labels can be printed right at home on your printer - just pick up some sticker labels made from recycled paper at your local office supply store.

How do you make your packaging?


Artist said...

Your ecofriendly tips are really good.

OneWomanStudio said...

I ship my items in boxes I construct from recycled cardboard. Our local mattress and appliance store has oodles of shipping boxes which I can have for free - and they are HUGE! Most have really cool graphics and words on them (which I keep on the inside), and on the outside I clearly state "this box is made from recycled cardboard...". I think my customers appreciate it!