Trashion at Home - fisheye

Today's Trashion at Home is from Lori of fisheye and fishlegs.

I love to find old wood furniture pieces in the trash and fix them up into unique works of art. This bar cabinet is one of my favorite transformations.

It started out as an antique radio (!!) Someone had removed the works and had given it a coat of whitewash.

The radio cabinet had small sliding doors to expose the speaker. I had to enlarge the opening to make it a useful cabinet. I cut out the front and made hinged doors for it.

Then I just went to town with paint. The fish design was inspired by a restaurant sign. I filled it with fun patterns.

I added a fishhook with a worm inside one of the doors.

The knobs were made from big glass beads that came from an old candle holder.

For my paint, I use whatever I can get my hands on, leftover wall paint, acrylic craft paint, mistinted "oops" paint from the paint store, etc. And did you know you can tint wall paint with acrylic craft paint? This comes in some intense shades which you can blend with light colored latex wall paint to get the color you want.

So, if you're a little adventurous, save something from the trash and give it a new life with paint!


Felt Sew Good said...

I love the fish cabinet! Great job. I have a simple, painted, vintage table on my porch and you've inspired me to do something more with it. I'm off to see what kind of paint I can find around the house!

re-maker said...

This is beautiful!
You truly are a Trashion Goddess!

Melinda said...

Great job!!

Pandora's Locker Kitschy Themed Jewelry and Charms said...

I should do something like that for my future elementary classroom! Although I would forgo the cliche school themes and paint something cool.

zJayne said...

This is FABulous! Wowza! Love it!

GreenWorks said...

Wow - that's brilliant! love the fish hook and worm - nice touch :)

Ross said...

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