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I've got a "work in progress" that uses trashion at home. My eleven year
old daughter starts middle school next fall and wants to transform her room from the little girl princess look to the pre-teen boho hippie room of her dreams. She's using our favorite vegetarian restaurant/café as her inspiration.

We started by painting the walls in the sky blue of her choice. I'm happy
to report that my first experience with low-voc paints was a good one. We didn't notice any difference in quality, result, or price than any other paint we've bought in the past (and years into owning an old house we've had our share of painting).

Our next project was making a banner out of fabric scraps and recycled
fabrics from clothing. We chose colors to coordinate with her room (white, blue, and celery) and made a triangle pattern (using scratch paper, natch).
We appliqued our shapes and letters onto the triangles, backed them with a second triangle, then sewed them onto a very long bias strip (we had already chosen the location for the banner, so we just made it to fit). Now her banner proudly proclaims "Chez Aida" or Aida's place (perhaps in case her siblings mistakenly find themselves going in her room?).

Our artist friend also got into the recycling spirit by painting over a
pre-used canvas to create a work of art for Aida's new space. "Be nice or
leave" pretty much sums up the room's motto and fits in perfectly with the décor, thus far.

Of course, hippie boho eclectic perfection isn't achieved overnight, so we are continuing to decorate trashion style. The next project is to paint the details on the furniture, and we have a fabulous chair that we got on freecycle that is just begging to go boho. I also see quilts and rag rugs in our future. Aida's going to camp at a local folk art gallery - 1st week is "Junk Art" -- so I'm sure she'll be bringing home trashion masterpieces to complete the look.


loneweever said...

Nice! You and your daughter can come and trashionize a room chez moi...

ecogeneration said...

Love that sign - Be Nice or Leave! Great shop. Thanks for the feature.