What did YOU recycle today?

Todays list of items saved for trashion fashion:

metal lumber straps
artwork from beer boxes
beer bottle tops (yes, we did have a small get together)
molded plastic from son's over-packaged birthday present
awesome cobalt blue wine bottlealways
great rocks picked up during week
metal twisty ties from afore mentioned present packaging
and a paper bag from the music store

So, comment ... tell me what are you recycling today?

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Anonymous said...

Today (and thank you for the reminder to start washing) I'm recycling antique Ball jars. Some are the pretty blue ones that I'll sell in my new vintage shop and others will go in my pantry to hold beans and grains. I'm also shrinking sweaters to felt as I type.

loneweever said...

Hmmm ... rescued today ... a paper towel tube for the church camp kids ... 2 odd thrift shop containers to make into pin cushions ... a shiny teabag wrapper for some future project ... 10 old greeting cards for gift tags.

And a partridge in a pear tree....

Miss Courageous said...

6 beer caps, two soda caps, a salsa jar lid, an old scrabble game, a colored envelope, and some packaging materials all are making their way into my studio today. Hopefully I'll find some time soon to use them.

Leslie said...

Aside from another wonderful batch of scraps from a NW glassblower to use for my fusing projects, I'm playing with ideas for a pile of souvenir spoons.

And I've fleted a bunch of sweaters--some have already become bags, skirts, arm & legwarmers, etc., some are still waiting.

I've also got a plie of misc mail stuff--labels, stamps, etc., quite a few fronm China, to repurpose.

I'm passing my extra used bubble-pack bags along to others who sell online--they're still good packing material.

And I just "adjusted" some old clip-on earring backs to make them usable with little fused glass cabs.

I have 2 jars of wondeful metal junk sitting in my workroom waiting for time to play with them--teen son acquired a whole tray of stuff free at a junkyard & gave me what he doesn't need for own projects.

The One Woman said...

My big find today was a huge trash bag full of discarded T-shirts.
Along with the hats I make from the shirt arms, I will use the leftover scraps for applique, and the less usable pieces for weaving into my newest rag rug project!

the rikrak studio said...

fabric scraps!
great post!