Trashion at Home - loneweever

Here are a few home ideas from Laurie of Virginia, USA - Loneweever on Etsy.

When life hands you old potato mashers, weave baskets! I use these baskets all the time for soaps, craft supplies, vitamin bottles, coasters .... they're a great size. I'm thinking of weaving a few for my Etsy shop.

Even storage should be fun. I've got a LOT of buttons, and I've been organizing them into subsets, so using them is easier. Filling random bottles and jars makes me smile. Here are a few of them.

This thrift store lamp matches my kitchen backsplash. Hurray for leftover tiles! And hurray for old bowling balls turning into yard art. This one looks great among my blooming daylilies.

What's in the loneweever Etsy shop? Click photos for details.


NewDominionBlues said...

Very nice feature on one of my favorite shops! She always has such great ideas!


Love the potato masher baskets! What a truly inspired idea- Yes! Do make some for your shop!!!

auclairdelalune: recycled fabrics for human and habitat said...

I love the potato masher baskets too! and the buttons in jars always look so cheerful!

Kraken said...

this is nice i like the look of the baskets and the other items she's made the masher idea is great. i always find it frustrating some baskets have weak handles. this is perfect. they're all very attractive and nice looking.