Palchemy 2009: Trashion Artful Media

Carolyn, aka cowgirlrosie is inviting Trashion Team Members to take part in a new palchemy!

Trashion Artful Media
Deadline to enter is June 30th

Anyone interested in taking part please contact Carolyn via convo at

She will need your:

NameShop Name
Mailing Address (to match you with a pal)
Will you ship International (yes/no)?
Special Requests (vegan)?

~Carolyn will match you up with a Pal.
~Goodies" should be shipped to them by July 18th.
~Completed pieces should be listed in your shop by August 16th
~ Tag each item Trashion Artful Media

Trashion Artful Media: Send articles that represent Media, any channel of communication. This includes, but is not limited to : advertising, print, books, magazines, labels, tags, letters, cards, music (sheet music, cds, lps, cassettes), photos, maps, diagrams, signs, tickets, words on something I have not listed. And of course are by now trash.
When you receive your goodie box use a fair representation of these items, enough that the sender will feel that their offering was appreciated. But you may add from your stash to do your own thing!Upon completion you will list your Trashion Artful Media on Etsy using Trashion Artful Media as a tag.

If you would like to give the proceeds from your sale to your favorite cause/charity and announce that in your listing. One good cause that was used before is the HOST Street Team I just found out about this and was impressed by what they do. So give this a look see.
So... join in the fun and convo with your mailing address to enter. The more artists that take part the more fun, we may just raise some funds for a good cause, and stretch our thinking skills to boot!

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