Trashy Tutorial - Decorative Envelopes

Today's tutorial is from Susan of BetternBefore.

I’m slowly recovering from a flu I first developed ten days ago. Ten. I got bored with TV a long time ago. I know I’m not alone in being a trashioner who needs something to keep her hands busy. Here’s an amusement that wasn’t too taxing on my aching body. I made miniature envelopes out of pictures I tore out of magazines and catalogs. Here’s how:

Find an image that has enough room around it so there is at least a half-inch border on each side, around half the size of the image above it, and the size of the image below it. Make folds along the top, bottom and sides of the image, which will be the front of your envelope.

Unfold it and clip angles into the side borders along the front image. Cut away the parts of the sides that aren’t bordering the front image.

Fold down those side flaps and dab it with a glue stick (not liquid glue; it will make the paper crinkle). Fold the bottom up over the flaps. Right away, slide your scissors inside the envelope along the glued edge so it doesn’t stick somewhere it shouldn’t.

Fold the top flap down. You can clip it at angles if you want to. And it’s done.

I had a big pile of these, but my partner took off with a bunch of them to use for valentines for her relatives. So I guess they’re useful for more than my entertainment. She’ll have to put them inside a bigger envelope to mail them, of course. And she insists the flu germs can’t survive on them. Hope that’s true.

Here's a look into BetternBefore 's shop:

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Emily said...

Thanks for the tutorial, I tried to make my own envelope from a map the other day but couldn't figure it out.

loneweever said...

Nice!! The possibilities are endless. Thanks for sharing.