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This segment of TRASHY KIDS is a fun indoor project using a few kitchen leftovers! Did you ever consider that when you buy vegetables at the local grocery store that you may never think about what they looked like when growing in the ground? Many of us just think about them as simply something to eat. Some vegetables do not die when they are picked, and with a little patience you can grow some very nice looking plants from your kitchen scraps!

Adult Supervision
Kitchen leftovers like-Carrots or Parsnips
Vermiculite or soil-less compost
Small Flowerpots
A Pairing Knife

Fill the flowerpots with vermiculite or the soil-less compost. Cut off the top of each carrot or parsnip. Plant the tops in the vermiculite and spray them with water. Put the flowerpots in a warm, dark place, such as a closet. They should be checked every day to ensure that the soil is kept moist. At the first sign of growth, put the flowerpots in a light place. (I use my Southern most Window) Continue checking them and spraying them with water to keep the soil moist and soon they will grow into beautiful little bushy plants.

(They will not fully mature into a new carrot or parsnip, but the experience and sharing of this experience is extremely rewarding!)

This project was taken and adapted from the book: My First Garden B.O.O.K by Angela Wiles.


fisheye said...

This is a great idea! Especially for those of us starved for a little gardening this time of year. Ahh, the smell of potting soil....

Drew of Fairy Tale Fibers said...

oh so wonderful! Great idea! Glad to see Trashy Kids gracing the blog with fun ideas like this one!