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On a weekly basis, I'm going to post a blog about reusing, recycling and environmentalism that I get from the news or cool blogs that I check out. Then I'm going to pass the best of the best along to you. So, if you run across something that you think would be great, please, send me a link or pass the information on and we'll get it posted on our blog. For now, check out this hilarious article originally posted on Planet Green, a great website for finding all kinds of information on living green and sustainably. Giving you all kinds of new ideas for your Etsy site. Enjoy- Lisa

5 Reuses for Orphan Boots and Shoes

By Josh Peterson

Spare shoes aren't worthless. There are plenty of things that you can do with them.

I often find boots and shoes in gutters and ditches but only orphans, never pairs. People have tried to explain why you only find single boots and shoes. No one has really solved this. I once saw a car accident from my apartment window. A car hit a truck and the truck's driver sailed out of the side window. One of his shoes landed near the curb. The truck driver was OK. He stood up and sort of ran around in a circle all confused. He never did pick up his shoe. He went away in the ambulance one shoe on, one shoe off. Orphan shoes come from car accidents. That's my theory.

Here are some ways to reuse those shoes and boots. I've added illustrations. Don't laugh.

1. Pot for Plants

You can grow plants in boots and shoes. Remove laces. Poke holes in the bottom of the shoe for drainage. Fill shoe with potting soil. Add plant. You have a plant growing out of a shoe.

boot flower pot photo

Image courtesy of Joshua Peterson.

2. Boot Organizer

You can make an organizer out of old boots. Figure out how many old boots you have. That will determine the size of the wood you are going to need. Start like you are building a bookcase the width of a boot. Instead of shelves, build pegs to hold boots. Use the boots as storage pouches. I've attached a rough schematic of this project.

boot shelf photo

3. Pool Table Pockets

This is a little far-fetched. I admit it, but I think it would be cool. You could build your own pool table and use boots for the pockets.

pool table pockets photo

4. Donate Single Shoes to Charity

They have single shoe charities online. These people help get shoes to amputees and people who have different-sized feet.

shoe charity photo

5. Wall Pockets

This is much like the boot organizer but for shoes. You can nail shoes to the wall of your shed and store tools or other items in them.

shoe wall pocket photo
All images courtesy of Joshua Peterson.


Erin said...

I think that the car crash theory is a little tragic. :( I hope that's not true in every case. I like the amputee charity! That's very cool and very niche.

Emily said...

Great ideas! I love the pool table one.

I use a child's rain boot as a container for my markers - works great

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks for the informative piece on repurposing boots! My blog is all about repurposing everyday things into something useful (save money, stay green!). You can check it out at Thanks!