My Trashy Valentine

Etsy’s Trashion Street Team recently hosted "My Trashy Valentine," a Valentine’s Day card swap with an upcycling twist. Each participating team member handmade a card either repurposing craft supplies from their stash or by using a combination of recycled and new materials, and mailed it to their assigned teammate. In return they received a handmade card from a different team member.

The card above was made by Emily of CandyCalamity for fellow team member Laurie of loneweever. This was created using card stock, a calendar page, vintage buttons, Pringles lid liner, M&M wrapper, Starburst wrappers, Dove chocolate wrapper, foam core board, and wood craft sticks.

The above Victorian beauty was made by Alison of EcoBangle for Drew of FairyTaleFibers. Alison used material from an upcycled jacket, old buttons, a vintage key, an old stamp, a piece of a map, along with leftover lace and thread.

I hope this project inspires people to consider making cards more often even if they don’t have a lot of experience. Making a card from materials you already have (most people have at least a pen and paper) is a lot easier on the earth and your wallet then buying a card in a store, plus the finished product is personalized and more meaningful to the receiver.

Written with help from CandyCalamity.


loneweever said...

I wish I'd taken better pics of mine before I mailed it off ... it was no work of art, but it was FUN.

As the proud owner of the CandyCalamity card, I can tell you it's very cool. And EcoBangle, yours is amazing. I hope to see more posted!


TheRedCan said...

Great cards! Can't wait to see more. I only wish I would have been able to participate.

EcoBangle ... Alison said...

Thanks for the positive feedback, Laurie. This was such a fun project ... I love the garden that Emily made!
I look forward to participating in future Trashion events.

zJayne said...

These are fun, great and make such a valid point! Use what you have, you have enough! Creative!