Thanks for Using the Trashion Team Tag!

As a Street Team, we have a special tag to use on our Etsy items. The Trashion Team tag is, obviously enough, "trashion team." I did a spot check of our teams' shops and found that some are not using the team tag. But I was happy to find that many sellers are proudly tagging! Here are a few awesome items I wouldn't have found if they weren't trashion team taggers.

Necktie Belt by tootsweethandbags $12

Recycled Aluminum Soda Pop Can Art Jewelry Pin by FunkyRecycling $5

GOTHIC ROMANCE, Buttons and Crystal Earrings by CoffeePotPeople $18

The Life Aquatic Wallet by littleorangekitchen $17

Flower Pin from Recycled Felted Wool by CraftWerker $15

So, Thanks for Tagging! See what else is tagged Trashion Team!

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laura said...

Yay! I'm glad you found me! Thanks!