Trashion team spotlight - Interview: Maki Squarepatch

Shop name: Maki Squarepatch
Shop address:
In a nutshell: recycling pre-loved apparels into new stuffs
Tell us a bit about yourself :
Maki Squarepatch is the joint effort of sisters Enqi (boss) and Xin (artist). Together, we built and run Maki Squarepatch to not only encourage people to appreciate the loves behind handmade products, but also to show people that recycling can be colorful, full of life, reflecting memories and tenderness from each individual creation.
Trashion materials: pre-loved clothing, unwanted fabrics, collected buttons & zippers etc.
I transform them into: stitchy-patchy pouches, pencil cases, blankets, toys, cushions, blouses, tees.
How do you do it?
First by picking out clothes that we would like transformed into something else, and what material is easy to work with. And from there, cutting-stitching-more cutting-more layering of colors, sometimes fabric-painting to get the effects we want in each product.
What inspired you to do this and why are you involved in trashion?
We were both inspired by our grandmother, who was not only a super thrifty lady, but who appreciates and enjoys the art and craft. She would collect scrap fabrics and sew table cloths for the house. Also, she NEVER threw away her childrens' clothing, and that influenced us a lot in the practice of: as little wastage as possible, and to cherish what we own.
Do you remember the first thing you made using the trashion concept?
What was it?
Xin: It was 3 dolls made using (only) one baby's Christening gown.
What are your current projects and what is on the horizon?
Our current projects include some preparation for a new series of products which involves the folding of cloth like paper origami, as well as making new blouses from discarded scrap fabrics donated by the local boutiques (we’re in Singapore!).
Why should people buy handmade, and buy from trashion?
If everyone buys handmade, there will be little use of energy for the mass production of goods. Of course, we cannot buy handmade tv or computers, but if everyones' wardrobe or daily needs are 5/10 handmade by an individual/group of artists, there will be no need for so much power to churn and upkeep factory machineries. And if 5/10 of these handmade are recycled, we are helping out the environment and starting a chain that is of no damage or cause for more pollution.

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I am really inspired by this interview's last question!

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i loved maki squarepatch so much, i bought a little bunny purse!