Trashion Outfitters - Outfit for a Selkie

Here is this weeks Trashion Outfit, put together by Drew of fairytalefibers!! It is an outfit a Selkie might wear if she were to stumble across Etsy during her visits to shore. Don't know what a Selkie is?? Check out the Wikipedia entry on them!

A Selkie is going to need clothes to wear, so let's start with this Mermaid Shirt by Miggipyn

and pair it with this Denim and Lace Skirt by dismantled.

She may be cold after coming ashore, so she can wear this Headband Head Warmer by jen1kanobi for added warmth!

To accessorize, she can add these Jaded Memory Earrings by Trashion Mode:

And what could be more perfect than What The Nets Brought In Necklace by Soujourn Curiosities

and an Adventure Aquarium Penny Bracelet by Stars Dreams and Jewels??

Thank you Drew for an amazing outfit and a great story behind it!! I had heard of the legend before, but never knew what they were called, so I've learned something new!

Don't forget to shop the members shops and the Etsy Trashion Team store - upcycling is beautiful on us and for the Earth!

2 comments: said...

that is quiet neat. Trashion can dress anyone, even mythological creatures are covered!

Jen said...

oh wow! nice outfit! thanks for including my head warmmer :)