Trashion Outfitters #4 - Party!

This week our Trashion Outfitter is Kae of Kae1Crafts! Kae has created the perfect outfit for a party and her comments are included with each one!

I started with this light pink and black party dress from RunzwithScissors:

Then added these snappy pink and black shoes by CrankyPickle.

Now that I'm dressed, I needed to add a few accessories so I wandered over to ellerue for some lovely Revolving Button Earrings!

Then a quick stop by yipestoo for a Survivor Spoon Necklace (not the TV show, but breast cancer survivors - My Mom is one)!

My next stop was the Etsy Trashion shop for a Hand Wrapped Gemstone Ring by tomate d'epingles!

Miggipyn provides a smashing Repurposed Gunmetal Bracelet!

Then I needed a handbag, so it was back to the Etsy Trashion shop for this lovely Black and White one by Fitter Knitter:

Now I'm almost ready to go, but I need a quick check of the time on my Lady Liberty Upcycled Clock by Nature Made Scents:

Since I have a few minutes, I put on my Apron that I found at amuck design

and do a quick kitchen cleanup before I wrap my Hostess Gift that was created by foundthings!

Since my date hadn't arrived yet, I got a couple of chapters read in my current book with my handy Trashion Bookmark nearby so that I can mark my place quickly. Created by Nature Made Scents and being sold in the Etsy Trashion store.

Doorbell rings and I grab my Post-Apocalyptic Scarf created by haptotrope and I'm ready to do!

Thanks to all you lovely Etsy Trashion designers for this smashing outfit.

And thank you Kae, for putting it all together. I love how she included household items with her clothing outfit, and she shopped in the team store as well as members shops. Well done!


Drew said...

Wow! what a cool outfit! I love that you even thought of time and clean up! said...

That was more than an outfit, that was a neat little story!

RunzwithScissors said...

WOW --- thanks for the party love! We trashionistas gotta remember the 80's -- and make it better THIS time around.

Steph said...

Great stuff!!