Trashion Outfitters #6

Another week, another great outfit from the Trashion Team shops!! This outfit was put together by wabisabibrooklyn - many thanks for putting this trashion outfit together!!

The outfit starts with a 3 Little Skullies Pink t-shirt by Miggipyn. Great for Halloween, or for anyone that love skulls!!

What to wear with it? This Denim and Lace Micromini Skirt by dismantled would be perfect!

And to carry around all of your stuff each day, this Blue Denim Messenger Bag by pouch would be great! Be sure to check out the lovely yellow lining!

Want to keep your hair out of your eyes? Then this Headband with Upcycled Fabric Applique by GarbageofEdenDesign is what you need!

Jewelry makes the perfect finishing touch, and for this outfit there are these cute Cherry Bomb Earrings by SweetyPrize

and a White Flower Bracelet by reduxdesigns!

What does everyone think? Isn't this a great outfit?

Thanks again to wabisabibrooklyn for putting the outfit together, and to the Trashion Team members for their wonderful creations!


EyePopArt said...

Yes! I love that skull shirt! said...

this outfit is fierce!

Brian Western said...

it's a furious combo!

pagano designworks said...

So cute! Wishing I had the knees for that outfit! :)

Peggradyart said...

It's a fabulous outfit. Oh, if only I were 35 years younger!