Trashion Outfitters #3

This week we have our third Trashion Outfit, selected by tomate d'epingles!! Thanks for putting together a great outfit!

For the top, how about this Black Sequin Shirt by dismantled :

And pair it with this Aqua Flower Power Skirt by Runz with Scissors!

Accessories can make an outfit - and this one has some great ones! Stop Sign Earrings by amuckdesign:

Around your neck, how about this Subtle Circles Necklace by Pagano Design Works?

Wrap your wrist with this Gunmetal Silver Beaded Bracelet by groovyvinyl:

And wouldn't this Trick or Treat Ring by sojourn curiosities look great on your finger?

To hold everything you have to take with you, why not this Fabric Sling Tote from pouch?

What a great outfit - I'm ready to go shopping!!!

Trashion Street Team member shops offer a variety of things, not just clothing. Remember to shop Etsy for handmade, unique items!


EyePopArt said...

That's so cool!

foundthings said...

sweet choices!!

kae1crafts said...

Love the outfit - great choices.

.tomate d'epingles. said...

i heart every single piece of this outfit :)

thats a great reminder: "Trashion Street Team member shops offer a variety of things"

i have a few more outfits ready, that are not clothing at all! i am ready to outfit my home office, my kitchen...

yay trashion!

pagano designworks said...

What FUN this is!!!

Peggradyart said...

I absolutely love everything. Going to investigate these shops right now.

OutsaPop said...

Do you know how I could contact amuckdesign?? I want to feature these Stop Sign Earrings in my article!!!

If you know amuck, please ask him/her to contact me.
I´m OutsaPop in