Feature Me Friday: Miss Courageous

This week we have Millie, the miss who IS
Miss Courageous , as well as Buckle Up, from Boise, ID.

LEGO my Business Card Case LIme Green Lego Spiral Bound Journal Beige Lego Belt Buckle LEGO my Business Card Case

All of the things she makes used to be something else.
It's been called upcycling, recycling, repurposing,
trash to treasure, trashion, eco-friendly, crafting green, re-use,
reinvent, redesign, etc...
She calls it "POP Jewelry & Accessories" -
As in pop caps, pop music, pop a lid, pop art, pop culture.

Bubbles upcycled record vinyl necklace Recycled Vintage Vinyl Flower Earrings Pink Rock Star Record Vinyl Necklace I Heart Vinyl Rockstar Necklace

She's been creating as long as she can remember. She left art
school and ended up with a career in the cosmetic industry,
where most of her artistry skills were spent on faces. When she
left the cosmetic industry in 2004, she focused on making jewelry
and using found objects.

Sorry Gameboard Belt Buckle with Implied Innuendo Strawberry Jelly Neutral Tropical Print Storage Belt Buckle Record Vinyl Inlay Belt Buckle
"BuckleUp just makes sense. Upcycled belt buckles to hold up your pants."


ELK said...

auch a talent ..creative and fun..modern and special!!

maizie jane said...

I have seen this shop before and loved it. Here it comes back at me again! Love it all. Thanks for sharing!

That Girl Ang said...

very cool.

Rachael Brooke Winkley said...

Awesome stuff - so creative & so talented!